3 RUST Console Commands to improve Mobility, Precision, Weapon Control.

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3 Rust Console Commands for advantages in every area of the game, from building to PVP and general maneuverability.

For pointer precision in building/looting/etc:
" "

For making every jump in rust easier:
" 60"

For automating different input sensitivity settings for huge advantage in rust PVP:
"bind mouse1 +attack2;+ .3; .2"

* mouse1 is the "look down the sight" button.
* " .3" is the number set when releasing mouse1 (set it to any number you want)
* " .2" is the number set when holding mouse1 (set it to any number you want)

* Same as the third command, you can try automating the second command via:
"bind space + 32; 60;+jump"

Though I admit I haven't tested that thoroughly.

Become a better jumper, look around faster while being super precise with gunplay, and get more pointer precision when interacting with objects. What's not to love?

I hope these Rust console commands will help you a lot and solve issues in every part of the game.
For me these are default, I can't play rust without them.

Good day yaall, have a good one :)
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