''A Final Hymn'' 100% (Demon) by Artherr & More [Verified] | Geometry Dash

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Song: Dunderpatrullen - Singularity

A Final Hymn is a megacollab featuring Artherr and a handful of other incredibly talented creators, the full list will be at the bottom of the description, and their styles and aesthetics along with their ideas shine beautifully in this level, each one of these sections could be their own standalone level and it would be fantastic, but the fact that all of these fragments fit together so nicely with such different designs, is impressive by itself.

Whether it's the very beginning of the level, with it's cartoony vibe, having a ton of vibrant colors with a very subtle but clean block design, or the cityscape that appears at the very end, with a powerful orange tint emitting from the sunset, illuminating the incredibly tall buildings, giving off a cozy ambiance, this level as a whole has so much to offer from wherever you look at it, every bit is executed with love and you can tell from a mile away.

Members: CastriX, Kips, Drag747, Uriun, Subwoofer, Goose, Arth, SpaceDust, Xender Game, Geo, Novasidious, Xaren, Marwec, and Zeptoz.
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