A Social Dilemma with Dr. James Thambyrajah

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This week, Dr. James Thambyrajah joins us to discuss the documentary The Social Dilemma. He shares his insights on how we can better inform ourselves to escape our digital echo chambers.

Episode Highlights

[06:34] The Social Dilemma
We spend most of our time on our screens because they have become an extension of ourselves.
The documentary delves into how tech companies keep us hooked on our devices.

[12:15] Shifting Social Norms and Why We're Hooked
Due to the convenience of social media, intimacy is becoming less common in personal interactions.

[18:08] Learning to Adapt
Build good habits and practice self-control.
Set yourself as an example for your kids and family.

[26:07] On Screen Time and Mental Health
If we can reduce our time on our screens, we can have healthier lives and relationships.
James reminds parents to limit their children’s social media use to avoid mental health problems.

[29:52] Digital Vegetables vs Digital Sweets
Digital vegetables are healthy and helpful screen time use.
Digital sweets, however, are bad and addictive.

[33:02] Tribalism and Political Polarisation
We consume information which further feeds our biases.
James advises us to expose ourselves to various perspectives.

[38:24] The Importance of Fact-Checking
We can help each other out by correcting misleading and false information online.
Validate the information before disseminating it, even if it came from people you respect or admire.

[44:36] James' Top Tips
Be aware of your screen time usage and acknowledge the problem.
Prioritise what is essential for your family.
Take the time to fact-check your information before sharing it.

[47:35] Rachel’s Top Tips
Turn off your phone and notifications.
Put a limit on your screen time.
Avoid phubbing people.

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