Best Heavy Tanks in World of Tanks - Wot Console Update 6.0

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We look at the best heavy tanks at tier 10 on world of tanks and which heavy tanks you need on world of tanks console or wot pc. If your wondering what is the best heavy tank in world of tanks then this is tanks video for you! The best tanks on world of tanks 2021.

In this video I highlight which heavy tanks you should be researching at tier ten. World of tanks best tanks at tier x guide, filmed on wot console but relevant for all versions of tanks. If you want more best tanks on world of tanks videos then like the video, comment your thoughts and subscribe for more content just like this!! Best tank in world of tanks video and discussion.

My world of tanks channel focuses primarily on console wot, but does feature content for all version of wot so be sure to stick around for; gameplay, guides, tips and trick and more best tanks videos. This video may help with the best tanks for beginners on world of tanks console (wot console).

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More best tanks on world of tanks videos coming soon! Look out for console world of tanks guides aswell.

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