Demonfall Beginners Guide for DEMONS (How to get blood demon art, All locations and MORE)

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Demonfall Beginners Guide for DEMONS, ill be showing you guys how to fight zenitsu, how to get akaza fighting style, how to switch demon art in demonfall and much more (How to get blood demon art, All locations and MORE)


0:00 - Intro
0:51 - How to level up fast as a demon (Important)
1:35 - How to fight as a demon (No sword)
2:30 - Stat Point tips
3:25 - How to get your blood demon art (Best Method)
5:15 - 2nd Demon progression quest
6:08 - How to beat Urukodaki Demonfall(Work for muzan)
7:53 - How to beat Zenitsu Demonfall
8:22 - How to get fighting styles (Akaza, Greatswor

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