Fun Friday - Sam crushing and smashing in Wreckfest!

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Sam, 11 years old, shreds in wreckfest. Taking names and wrecking cars. Normally he is focused on driving technique, but he can let loose and have some fun with wreckfest.

Help Sam raise enough money to go to the Rally School! He can go train even before he has his license!

-INSTAGRAM – Check out Sam on Instagram at

-Sam’s Setup! (sponsored by Fanatec & Team Fordzilla)
-FANATEC CSL Elite Wheel
-FANATEC Clubsport V3 pedals
-FANATEC Clubsport SQ Shifter
-FANATEC Clubsport handbrake
-Trak Racer Cockpit
-MSI CPU & Asus Monitors
Games Regularly Played: Dirt Rally , Assetto Corsa/Competizione, I-Racing, WRC 9, Gran Turismo Sport
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