I will now pontificate about OlivierDanvel's all green months for just under 28 minutes

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In this video I take an in depth look through the November Performance Summary posted today by one of eToro's top 5 Elite Pro Popular Investors.

In this post, Olivier stresses that achieving all green months is not his objective and fires a broadside to all those questioning him in his newsfeed, making clear all future posts he deems to be irrelevant will be removed.

He does however encourage interested parties to discuss and debate his trading strategy on their own newsfeeds and social media channels, hence I will happily take him up on this invitation in the form of this video.

Please respect Olivier's privacy by not sharing this on his newsfeed.

Note that at time of writing:

a) I am not a Popular Investor therefore Olivier is not my competition

b) My YouTube channel does not have sufficient subscribers to monetise the content

c) No one has ever clicked on any of my affiliate links As a result, I am making no financial gain for making this video and I am not trying to "nobble the competition" by stealing others' copiers.

d) I have reviewed most of the eToro's top PIs favourably thus far and have huge belief in the platform and in copy trading in general.

Overall, I would say my reviews have gained copiers for PIs, either by raising awareness or prompting them to improve their Bios etc. I am giving my honest and sincere opinion without a financial agenda.

Feel free to agree or disagree - unlike certain people I do not censor or wipe out opposing opinions, unless they are clear spam!

Kind regards,


PS I accidentally referred to one of Olivier's infamous 24 hour spikes downwards then up again as being 2% at the 18:48 mark of the video when in actual fact it is more like 12% bankroll gained in one glorious sunny day in 2018. As he would say, "trading takes big balls" apparently.
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