If i can throw um off i f.Ing will (PS4pro). 2020

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This channel offers no education, no entertainment, no emotional connections, no foresight, no pain relief and defiantly will not give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.
Thank you for sharing that which is most valuable in the universe. YOUR TIME.
So like the content, love the content or hate the sh*t out of it just as long as you experience some sort of emotion. That's living folks.

Games i play,
1. Battlefield 1 (PS4 PRO)
2. Call of duty Black ops 3/2 if they remastered (PS4 PRO)
3. Battlefield hardline (PS4 PRO)
4. Call of duty Ghosts (PS4 PRO)
5. Battlefront 2 (PS4 PRO)
6. GTA5 (PS4 PRO)
7. Fortnite (PS4 PRO/PC)
8. Battlefield 4 (PS4 PRO)
9. Insurgency (pc)
for middle earth 1/2 ROTWK & Tower wars
11. GTsport (PS4 PRO)
12. CnC generals zero hour AOD

Will be playing
1. Red dead redemption 2 ON PS4 PRO
2. Wreckfest on PS4 PRO

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Max Payne 3
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