Industrial Talks 2020 - Inphi, Argentina - Nestor Campos and Agustin Martino - October 21, 2020

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IEEE CASS/CEDA Industrial Talks 2020 - October 21, 2020
Developing SOCs for Coherent Optical Applications
Nestor Campos and Agustin Martino
Inphi, Argentina


Optical communications have evolved in the last two decades to support the increase in bandwidth demand. Modern transceivers use coherent detection, include DSP for equalization, synchronization and carrier recovery, soft-decision error correction codes and have drastically reduced the power per Gb/s. Furthermore, modern transceivers include support for the transport layer on chip, as well integrated micro-controllers running real time operating systems, channel monitoring functions and a standarized user interface. This presentation covers some basic concepts related to coherent transceivers, a brief review of  the technology evolution, and a revision of the design flow to develop a modern coherent transceiver from the system level design to the final layout.

Short CVs:

Nestor Campos received his Electronic Engineer Degree from Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Bahía Blanca) in 2015. He joined Clariphy Argentina that year and started working in the System Team. He contributes to the development of four coherent DSPs doing research, algorithm design, implementation and verification, system integration, optical components modelling, and architecture validation through simulations and laboratory measurements.

Agustin Martino is Principal Engineer at Inphi Argentina. He received his Electronic Engineering degree from Universidad Tecnologica Nacional Cordoba in 2015 and he is working for Inphi ever since. He has worked in development, implementation and verification of DSP algorithms for high performance coherent optical transceivers. He has also experience in SoC integration and verification from design to production.
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