(Insane Demon) ''Gregory'' 100% by CornFungi | Geometry Dash

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Gregory is a level that feels like a 2 in 1, you have the half where it's filled with interesting color combinations, the purples and the bright and vibrant pinks, with a clean almost alien-like block design, featuring the same colors as the backgrounds, all while maintaining a slower pace, but at the same time serving as a great buildup to the more erratic parts of the experience.

The other half is the exact opposite, the level becomes engulfed in a gray nightmare, with the speed of your ship along with the music is as fast as possible, the block design keeps the same shapes and patterns as the previous section, but it matches the dark colors we see now and has a more serious design on the inside, which I enjoy, since you can feel the desperation and turbulence that should be present in these more difficult levels in my opinion.

But even though these two sides of the same coin are so different, they manage to work together in a great way, they serve each other as a contrast, the transition from one to the other feels and looks natural as well, and it serves so you don't see the same design the whole way through.
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