Just Another day | Rust Console ???? Solo Official PvP | Solo Survival Vlog Ep.16

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Just another day in Rust console as a solo player in the official weekly servers, we need to get better at pvp and what is the best way? to go out there and lose our gear. Rust Console Update Is Around the corner and we all can't wait for the new skins and all the goodies that come with the skin store and you have come to the right place for Rust console news, Rust console updates, Rust console gameplay, Rust Console Wipe dates & Rust console Official PvP. I cover all the Rust on console news having to do with all things Rust Console Edition. If you like open word survival games especially with a PvP, you are going to love this game. If your new to the channel drop a subscribe and turn on notifications (tap that bell) and drop a LIKE! for Rust PvP, Rust Solo PvP, Rust guides focused for Rust Console Edition for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox one X, Xbox Series X. We are glad to have you and can't wait to share our Rust Console Journey. Welcome to the BoiFriendSquad.

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