Как снимали: Dj Smash и Morgenshtern и Новая волна - вся правда

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How did you shoot, or rather, how do they come up with the video for Dj Smash & Morgenshtern New Wave? Interesting? Then watch this video until the end!

Как снимали , а точнее как придумывают клип Dj Smash & Morgenshtern Новая волна ? Интересно? Тогда скорее смотри это видео до конца!

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Fragments of the film are used in accordance with the law of fair use The film has a so-called fourth density effect just for fun! The film is not intended to offend anyone and is just a Parody Please feel free to subscribe Fragments of works belong to their legal owners and have been used in accordance with the right to quote (Article 29 (1) of the Act on copyright and related rights).

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