Let's Play Wreckfest - PC

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Let's wreck some cars!

if you wish to check out a video of my complete racing set-up read below!

Setup Video Here:

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Xbox GT: Chr0m3xHedgeHog
Club: CMYT (Chr0m3 Motorsports YT)

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Wheel: Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia (With GTE Add-on rim)
Pedals: Thrustmaster T3PA-Pro
Shifter: Thrustmaster TH8A
Seat: Playseat Forza Edition
Handbrake: DSD Hydro E-Brake
PC Information
PC: MSI Z170A Gaming M7, Intel I7 6700k, AMD R9 Fury X
Monitor: Acer XR341CK

Purchase Thrustmaster Products Here:
Max Payne 3
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