Max Payne 3 All Easter Eggs And Secrets

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Finally done. Decided to give it another shot and beat this game.
The collection of all Easter Eggs, Secrets and References found in Max Payne 3.

Yes, this is definitely one of the weirdest Easter Eggs I have seen in a while. I'm pretty sure many of you will agree with me.

I added the English subtitles, but I did not do the translations!

Intro/Outro: My Channel Theme
Main Background Theme: Chapter 8 Background Theme

The List of Easter Eggs:
01. Playing Theme Music On Piano
02. Grave Tombs Of Main Characters (Valerie Winterson, Nicole Horne, Vinnie Gognitti)
03. The Adventures of Captain Baseballbat Boy on TV
04. Mona Sax Hotel Ad on TV
05. Creepy Curupira (Lords And Ladies Parody) on TV
06. Valkyr Symbol
07. Max Payne Original Face on TV
08. Interfectum Ad on TV
09. Unleash Ninja Guru (GTA IV)
10. Cluckin' Bell (GTA)
11. Cognoscenti Car (GTA)
12. Liberty City Map
13. GTA Aircraft
14. Classic Outfits (Old School Max and Classic Max)
15. Crying Baby
16. Original Theme
17. Achievement Quotes

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
Max Payne 3
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