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Max Payne 3 review
Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Year: 2012
Developer: Rockstar Studios
Publishers: Rockstar Games
Genre: Third-person Shooter

Music (in order):
"Max Payne 3 Theme"
"The Enemy, Betrayal, The Inner Circle" from Max Payne 2, composed by Kärtsy Hatakkaand Kimmo Kajasto
"Byzantine Power Game" from Max Payne, composed by Kärtsy Hatakkaand Kimmo Kajasto
"The Girl"
"Max: NJ"
"Max: Vavelas"
"Max: Kill"

"Max Payne 3 Soundtrack" composed by Heath

Gameplay, audio and images from:
20th Century Fox

Naughty Dog
Remedy Entertainment
Rockstar Games
Rockstar London
Rockstar New England
Rockstar North
Rockstar San Diego
Rockstar Toronto
Rockstar Vancouver
Sony Interactive Entertainment

YouTube videos used:
"Max Payne 3 - First Trailer" by Rockstar Games

"The Warriors Full Game PS4 Walkthrough/Playthrough (Chapters 1-18) - (no commentary) - PlayStation 4" by Jacob Thomas
Max Payne 3
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