Max Payne 3 - Trainer/Mod Menu (Script Hook Release)

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The Max Payne 3 Script Hook has finally been released by "Unknown Modder" and we worked hard together on making the first ever script mod, a native trainer/mod menu called the "Payne Trainer" and are happy to announce that it's ready for release/download. Credits to vrockwave and Alexander Blade for support, decompiled scripts, and natives.

Includes these features as of :

Animation Options:
- Clear Animations and Tasks
- Play Animation
- Change Movement Type

Audio Options:
- Play Speech
- Set Voice
- Make Peds Speak English

Camera Options:
- Free Camera
- Static Camera
- First Person
- Top Down View

Player Options:
- Invincibility
- Infinite Painkillers
- Infinite Bullet Time
- Disable Bullet Time
- Bullet Cam Every Kill
- Enemies Ignore Player
- Invisible
- Reset/Fix Player
- Change Player Model
- Change Player Outfit/Appearance

Weapon Options:
- Give Any Weapon
- Remove Weapons
- Drop Weapon
- Toggle Attachment
- Infinite Ammo
- No Reload
- Incendiary Rounds
- Explosive Rounds
- One Hit Kill
- Gravity Gun
- Surrender Mod

Teleport Options:
- Switch Level
- Teleport In Front
- Save Position
- Teleport To Saved Position
- Noclip

World & Game Options:
- Set Clock Hour
- Set Clock Minute
- Freeze Clock
- Set Time Scale
- Set Weather
- Display HUD
- Unlock All Achievements
- Force Skip Cutscene
- Pause Game
- Disable Gore
- Clear Area
- Return to Main Menu

Misc Options:
- Log Player Coordinates
- Drunk Ragdoll
- Force Enemies To Surrender
- Dance Party
- Kill All Enemies
- Delete All Peds

- Enemy Dispenser
- Riot Mode
- Zombie Generator

Ped Spawner:
- Spawn Peds and delete them
- Set Ped's model, weapon, type
- Spawn as enemy, friendly, or bodyguard that follows you around
- Set invincible, disable AI

Vehicle Spawner:
- Spawn Vehicle
- Get In Nearest Vehicle
- Delete Spawned Vehicles

Object Spawner:
- Spawn and delete objects

To download and for more info, join the Max Payne 3 official modding Discord where you can discuss, release, and download mods:
Max Payne 3
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