Max Payne, Kane & Lynch, and the Meaning of Ugly Games

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Podcast- Something Rotten:

Script Consultation and Additional Voices by Laura Crone:
Script Consultation by Blake Hester:
Cinematography by Caroline Amico

Yes, A Games Writer Was Fired Over Review Scores:
Jeff Gerstmann’s Kane and Lynch Review:

Rockstar Spouse’s Letter:
Experience at Rockstar Vancouver:

Theater of Cruelty:
-The Theater and Its Double, 1958, Antonin Artaud
-Theater History Podcast #9:
-The Spurt of Blood:
-Antonin Artaud and the Theater of Cruelty: Crash Course Theater #43:

Visual Media Used: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days, Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption 2

Music Used (Chronologically):
DLC Arena War Track One (GTAO), Captain Toad Goes Forth (Super Mario 3D World), FUTURE, One Card Left to Play (Max Payne 3), The Doomed Commercial Area (Disco Elysium), Max Payne 3 Theme (Max Payne 3), Sweatshop (Kane and Lynch 2), 12PM Whirling-in-Rags, Your Body Betrays Your Degeneracy (Disco Elysium), Silent Heaven (Silent Hill 2), Escape (Kane and Lynch 2), Main Menu Variation 3 (Max Payne 3)

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Max Payne 3
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