Most OP car in the game. Wreckfest: Deathmatch most crazy car. Best car for beginners!

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In this video I explain the most OP car for the game mode deathmatch on Wreckfest. This car has allowed me to get +10 wrecks throughout numerous games. In this video I discuss 2 cars, the first car I discuss is a recommended first car buy to buy once you have enough money and the other car is for beginners just starting out without any cars just using the free cars. Also throughout this video, I talk about how to tune cars and upgrade the cars and mention benefits regarding these tunes to the car. I have been playing this game for a few weeks and I have noticed some ways to have advantages over opposing players.

Hi Everyone, my gaming name is INDO_23, I have been streaming/content creating for roughly a year. If this is the first time seeing one of my video’s I really hoped you enjoyed it, my focus when making videos is to provide happiness to the viewer so that it might have a beneficial effect on your day. I’m planning on being more adventurous with my future videos so I would like you to be apart of the journey, if interested SUBCRIBE right now, if not hopefully you will change your mind and come to the light. I will be uploading more clips in future keeping that same energy and improving my editing skills regularly.

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