My LEGO Arcade MOC! LEGO Sonic, Crazy Taxi, Time Crisis 2! Part 1!

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I love arcades! So I'm finally revisiting an old project I started, but never finished. This time, I'm determined to complete my custom LEGO Retro Arcade MOC and I thought it would be fun to chronicle my progress and share this journey with you all. I'm also going to be getting some help from the lovely people over at who will be printing some of my own artwork and designs and also hooking me up with some of the new, upcoming custom Arcade LEGO minibuilds!

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And please excuse the dust! ????


00:00 - Introduction
01:10 - Examining the Exterior
02:27 - Overview of the Interior
03:20 - Sonic the Hedgehog
04:03 - Time Crisis 2
05:24 - Turtles in Time
06:04 - Pac-Man, Space Invaders & Donkey Kong
06:44 - Dance Dance Revolution
07:41 - Crazy Taxi
08:21 - Claw Machine & Tickets
09:33 - Staff Room
10:08 - Final For Now!


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