NBA 2k20 Mycareer mode part 27,Viewers requested ; 2nd Season with A.D. on the team

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apologize to those expecting Valhalla tonight, running late and decided to start my 2nd season in NBA for those that's been waiting patiently for this return. so as far as the new players from free agency that joined my Bulls team , one is Anthony Davis.

Hello and welcome, i currently play Assassin's Creed Valhalla and NBA2k20 MyCareer mode season 2, due to some subs requested i try it and i like it so i am currently doing at least 3 seasons or a championship witch ever comes first before i start 2k21 and play at least 4 nights a week starting around 9:30pm (GMT). and Wreckfest with the crew (subs as well) and old gems from time to time. So if you don't subscribe, your missing out. I would also like to thank everyone for helping me reach 200! Now lets push forward to join the AceLove family! and make it to 250. So check out my library to see what games i play and look out to catch me live!

Love and support here please
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