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We are delighted to announce the launch of our revolutionary crowdfunding platform – Platin Hero!

After months of work, dozens of brainstorming sessions, a serious review of the crowdfunding market, hundreds of reviewed projects, and the development and implementation of smart contracts! All this to launch the first platform in the history of crowdfunding that follows the win-win principle, making it possible for all participants in the process to make money!

In this article we will share all the most important information about our new platform:

— what is Platin Hero;
— why we consider this platform to be revolutionary in the field of crowdfunding;
— which projects are already available on the platform;
— how the Platin Hero partnership program works;
— how to support projects on the platform.

Platin Hero — supporting projects has never been so profitable!
Platin Hero is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that is based on blockchain. This is a platform for real heroes and everybody who wants to become one!

Thanks to the underlying technologies of blockchain, minting, and smart contracts, that we have already discussed many times before, all platform users get incredible advantages! Projects get free promotion and financing for their ideas, while users get a chance to support ideas and projects while getting rewards from projects and a 10% bonus from the size of their donation in return.

How does Platin Hero work and what makes it different from other crowdfunding platforms?
To support a project on the platform, users simply need to create a smart contract and freeze funds on their blockchain wallets for the campaign timeline (from 6 months). After the end of the fundraising period, the frozen funds are unfrozen on the wallets of the users supporting the project. Let’s take a look at every step of the process:

1) Start

The user creates the project by filling in the required information – description, deadline, fundraising goals, reward amounts, etc. At this stage, the main rules for the project smart contract are created;

2) Launch

Once the project is approved by the administrator and published on the platform, the smart contract is launched, and users can start making donations. To activate the smart contract, users (sponsors or donors) must freeze the required amount of coins towards the project on their wallets. And there are no limitations – users can freeze any amount exceeding 1 PLC.

3) Success

Once the minimum number of coins (project soft cap) is frozen, the project can stop fundraising. Then the smart contract will distribute the minted coins between participants — ⅔ of minted coins will be sent to the project wallet, ⅓ will be sent to donors.

If the project funding period is still running, and the project has reached its funding goal before the designated deadline, it can continue raising funds. Then the coins will be unfrozen once the project is completed.

4) Unfrozen coins

Once the freezing period is over, all the coins are unfrozen and made available again.
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