St Joseph Retreat

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Ite ad Joseph!

These words were spoken by Pharaoh about Joseph of old, the son of the patriarch Jacob, who became second in command over all of Egypt during a time of severe famine. In our own time of crisis the Church has made her own these same words, commending her people to St. Joseph by declaring a year dedicated to this great saint, the guardian of the Holy Family. This May 1, on the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, we invite you to join us with your friends and family, alone or in small groups, for a half-day digital retreat in honor of St. Joseph.

Intro: "Ite ad Joseph" / "Go to Joseph" (Gen 41:55)
Talk 1: St. Joseph the worker: the tecton (Gk: carpenter).
Talk 2: St. André Bessette: pauper, servus et humilis
Talk 3: Consecration to St. Joseph: To Jesus through Joseph.
Conclusion: Spending time with Jesus like St. Joseph did: Go to adoration!

- Retreat Handout:
- Follow along with the readings throughout the retreat online:
- Purchase your own Consecration to St. Joseph Book:
- Get more information on the Consecration to St. Joseph:
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