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Problems with world of tanks console and solutions to wot console update and the new update/future updates world of tanks developer wargaming can introduce to improve the console world of tanks experience for all wot players. Showing off the most recent wot update and news!

A Console wot discussion and news update video for world of tanks console and what wargaming should do for console wot players in game to make world of tanks a better game rather than the things in game right now! Let me know what you think of the current world of tanks console gameplay and update and put down some of your thoughts on the new update for wot in 2021. Be sure to subscribe for more world of tanks update news and discussion videos for the world of tanks franchise where we try to make wot better in whatever way possible!

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00:00 - Why Make this Wot Video?
1:18 - Wot Update History
4:55 - Wot Current Direction
9:14 - Problems + Solutions
27:44 - Related Wot Console Videos

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