THE TEMARI AND ARROW DEMON!! | Demon Slayer REACTION Season 1 Episode 9

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Tanjiro and co. have been found by Muzan Kibutsuji's lackeys the "Temari" and "Arrow" demon, and they are NOT here to mess
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THE TEMARI AND ARROW DEMON!! | Demon Slayer REACTION Season 1 Episode 9 - Demon Slayer English Dub English Sub

0:00 Episode 8 Recap / Intro
0:50 The Temari and Arrow Demon Arrive
2:18 Yushiro Gets One-Shot 360 No Scope FaZe Clan'd
2:40 Tanjiro VS. the Temari Demon
4:00 Yushiro's Regeneration
4:54 The Temari Demon Grows More Arms
6:08 Yushiro Lends Tanjiro His Sight
7:06 Third Form, Flowing Dance
8:44 The Power of the Twelve Demon Moons
9:44 The Plan of Action
10:28 Tanjiro VS. the Arrow Demon
11:12 Nezuko and Yushiro VS. the Temari Demon
12:28 Tanjiro VS. the Arrow Demon Pt. 2
14:30 Thoughts / Outro

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