Wreckfest - Dirt Race - Realistic Damage / No Assists + Expert AI - SteeringWheel+Cockpit Gameplay

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Intro - 0:25 Gameplay - 4:15 End

Logitech G29+Shifter + Custom Analogic Ebrake
900 dor H shifter+clutch - cockpit camera
all assists off + max AI dificulty + Realistic Damage
Event type: Banger Race 23 oponets 3 lap A class
Track: Sandstone Raceway - Main Route
Car: StarBeast(L) Stock A 266
Power: 435hp @4800 - Torque:726Nm @3400 - Weight: 1634 - RWD 5 Gears


my twich channel where i do stream almost everyday
discord profille: falkirk#8836


"BarrelRollers" EN driving sim community, we are a friendly casual competitive community, almost 1000 people in our discord from diferent places in the planet, all ages, all plataforms, we start on DiRT Rally , but we play a lot of other games like: ATS/ETS2, Mudrunner/Snowrunner, Iracing,Forza Horizon 4, ACC/AC,LFS,PC2,FlightSim and others, here is our discord:


my pc: Intel core i5 8600k (5ghz oc) Gigabyte Z370m Aorus Gaming Deepcool Maestrom 240t 2x8gb DDR4 Ballistix 3000mhz Zotac 1660 6gb+oc 2100mhz WD Blue SN550 1TB NVMe SSD 480gb PCyes Electro v2 750W plus bronze LG Ultrawide 29/75HZ 1MS
Laptop i5350m
Max Payne 3
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