Wreckfest | Easy Level 50 Guide

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This is a guide for getting Level 50 the easiest way in Wreckfest.

By the time that you finish the game, you will probably be around high-level 30s to in the 40s. If you want to finish up the leveling as fast as possible to earn the trophy "Showing Some Dedication" (Reach Player Rank 50.) you can use this method. You want to create a Custom Event using Motorcity Circuit; choose any Class A vehicle, set up a Banger Race with 23 opponents, 60 laps, realistic damage, and all opponents as Lawn Mowers. Make sure to have all assists like ABS, traction control, and stability control turned off with AI difficulty set to Expert. Once in the race, you want to crash into as many Lawn Mowers as possible but also wreck as fast as possible. You should earn around 15k-20k XP every minute with this method depending on how many Lawn Mowers you hit. Just rinse and repeat these steps until you are level 50.

Wreckfest Playlist:

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