Wreckfest Wednesday - Extreme Damage

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This is the GRT Esports Youtube Channel.

We a great group of people, have mainly been based on Gran Turismo Sport on PS4 and do the majority of our streaming through the PS4 itself as we dont have the ability to run through PCs to have the stylish and fancy overlays, but what makes us special we believe is our sense of community, fun and respect on and off track. We are GRT Esports.

GRT stands for Global Racing Team, you may think that to call yourselves Global you would need a global and that we have, we have members in Europe, America and Australia. There are about 60 people atm that represent GRT using just a converted PS Tag, we are all great friends but fierce competitors on track.

Other games including Assetto Corza Competitizone and Rainbow 6 Siege, Minecraft, F1 2020 and many more

If you would like to support the GRT Community you can do it thru the following
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